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Using Oread Scalp and Therapy

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Oread Gold Foam should be used when you are experiencing redness, itching, or flaking. Apply the product after bathing, once your skin and scalp are slightly damp or already dry. If you’re not bathing that day, you can still apply Oread Gold Foam to the affected skin areas. Oread Gold Foam dries within a few minutes of application. It can be used up to twice per day and should not be rinsed off. It requires direct skin contact to be effective. For example, if the intended application is the scalp and the product is only applied to the hair shaft it will be ineffective due to its inability to absorb into the scalp itself. If you plan to use Oread Gold Foam for more than 7 days, please contact your doctor for further recommendations.

Apply the shampoos during bathing to simultaneously treat and help prevent flare ups. Be sure to apply the shampoo to all the affected areas, including the scalp, face, ears, and neck. Leave it on for 5 minutes and rinse it out thoroughly. Alternate the shampoos daily.

A small amount of the shampoo is needed (about a teaspoon or 3-4 mL) for short hair. More is needed for long hair.

Our team of dermatologists recommends using the shampoos (Oread Blue and Oread Green) in rotation indefinitely to help treat and prevent symptoms. The topical Oread Gold Foam may be applied for flare ups twice daily as needed. If you plan to use Oread Gold Foam for more than 7 days, contact your doctor for further recommendations.

About Oread Scalp and Face Therapy

Oread Scalp and Face Therapy is a patent-pending, three-piece kit designed to treat scalp and facial dermatitis, specifically seborrheic dermatitis, psoriasis, and dandruff. It was researched and developed by a board-certified U.S. dermatologist who suffers from sebopsoriasis, which causes severe and discomforting itching, scaling, and flaking of the scalp, ears, and face.

No other skin care regimen on the market simultaneously treats the same combination of conditions Oread Scalp and Face Therapy can. From facial dermatitis to sebopsoriasis, dandruff and psoriasis, one safe, simple kit covers it all. Additionally, our products contain only necessary ingredients and are free from fragrances, perfumes, formaldehyde-releasing agents, Balsam of Peru, isothiazolinones, parabens, and other harsh allergens and chemicals that may cause irritation and allergic reaction.

There is no official cure for most skin conditions. However, they can be well-controlled if properly managed.

Oread Therapeutics is located in the heart of the Midwest, in the Bioscience and Technology Business Center at the University of Kansas in Lawrence.

One of our company founders has longtime suffered from sebopsoriasis, causing severe and discomforting itching, scaling, and flaking on his scalp, ears, and face. In addition, he has two other family members with the same skin disease. About five years ago, as a board-certified dermatologist in search of a solution, he began to examine which factors were most critical in controlling the disease process to effectively treat the condition. While developing different iterations of the self-tested regimen, he noticed substantial improvement in his symptoms. Armed with powerful, proven results, he began to formulate a product the public could count on for the same therapeutic effects. Our resulting formulas and treatment regimen are so unique,  our productis still patent pending.

All Oread products are sourced in the USA and made in Miami, Florida.

Our product was collaboratively developed by a team of board-certified dermatologists and a Missouri-based scientist with over 40 years of leadership experience in the pharmaceutical industry. The renowned doctor was a researcher at Washington University in Saint Louis after earning his PhD at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore and then went into industry.

About Oread Scalp and Face Therapy Products

Our active product ingredients are as follows: 

Oread Gold Foam contains 1% hydrocortisone.

Oread Green Shampoo contains 1% selenium disulfide.

Oread Blue Shampoo contains 2% pyrithione zinc.

There are other non-active ingredients listed under each of their individual product descriptions. We only include our product's most essential ingredients. None of them contain fragrances, perfumes, formaldehyde releasing agents, Balsam of Peru, isothiazolinones, parabens, or any other harsh allergens & chemicals.

80% of our surveyed customers with psoriasis and seborrheic dermatitis said after just 7 days of treatment, their skin disease no longer had an impact on their life.

The majority of Oread Scalp and Face Therapy users say the kit lasts at least 8-12 weeks, depending on frequency and quantity of use.

Oread Scalp and Face Therapy Safety

Yes, all our products are safe for use on color-treated hair.

Oread Scalp and Face Therapy can be stored at room temperature. If you haven’t used them for a few days or weeks, we recommend shaking the products vigorously before use.

Please check with your doctor before using Oread Scalp and Face Therapy if you are or planning to become pregnant, are currently pregnant, or breastfeeding.

Using other products with Oread Face and Scalp Therapy

Oread Scalp and Face Therapy contains over-the-counter (OTC) ingredients that are safe when applied as instructed. If you are unsure whether you should use the kit, please consult with your doctor.

If you’re not currently using Oread Gold Foam, you can apply your cosmetics as you normally would. Simply wash with either Oread Blue or Green shampoo and continue with your standard grooming routine. If you are currently using Oread Gold Foam, apply it to the affected areas and allow it to dry. The first few minutes might feel slightly sticky, but this sensation will quickly resolve, allowing you to follow up with your usual regimen as desired.

Yes, you can use any conditioner you’d like after applying and rinsing either of our shampoos.

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