Over-the-Counter Eczema

Oread Scalp and Face Therapy was designed to help normal everyday people with scalp and facial redness, flaking, and scaling. Be the first to try it by purchasing our prototype. Your feedback is vital to product improvement and will help us serve countless others that struggle with scalp and facial eczema.

Each product contains ingredients used to combat redness, flaking, and scaling that can affect the scalp and face.  Our formulations are free of fragrance mix, irritating soaps, parabens, gluten, or harsh preservatives. Click here to see our ingredient list.

You will receive the following with your order: A kit containing 3 products: Oread Green Cleanser (2 oz), Oread Blue Cleanser (2 oz), Oread Gold leave-on Foam (0.75 oz), and detailed instructions on how to use the system.

The kit should last approximately 3-6 weeks depending on how frequently you bathe.

Our product is very effective. It helps eliminate pain, itching, feeling self-conscious, interference with social activities, clothing choices based upon flaking, leisure activities, and helps resolve symptoms that may affect personal relationships with a partner or close friend.*

The price is $15.00 and includes free domestic shipping. When you fill out two brief surveys (less than 2 minutes each), you will receive a $15.00 refund.

*Based upon a study of individuals with a mean improvement of 83% after 1 week of use of Oread Scalp and Face Therapy.