Our passion

We are excited about the future of medicine and healthcare! Our innovative products are based upon real-world clinical experience and scientific principles. Our goals are to improve the lives of suffering patients who we serve with the highest ethical and scientific standards. One of the most frequent visits to a primary care doctor's office is for a skin problem more than 1/3 of the time. Many patients are unable to afford medications, avoid visiting a physicians office due to a high co-pay, and suffer with their condition sometimes even giving up hope of any improvement of their skin scaling, flaking, itching, or redness. They often seek treatment at their local drug store using over-the-counter remedies but are overwhelmed by the isles and isles of skin care products many of which are focused on marketing gimmicks. We find this current state unacceptable. Our over-the-counter treatments that are under development by our co-founders who are physicians and scientists are simple to use, can improve the most common skin problems, and are affordable. We are also in the very early phases of prescription drug development.

Our focus

Our focus is most common skin diseases in humans. These conditions include dry, flaky, itchy skin and scalp, eczema, psoriasis, and scalp psoriasis. Although these conditions are not life threatening, they can severely lower quality of life, interrupt sleep due to itching, and lower self-esteem as they frequently affect the facial skin, hands, or other areas of exposed skin.

Our educational resources

We encourage you to explore our site including the section titled “skin disease resources” for educational materials. There are many relatively simple (hopefully!) to read articles written by our co-founders based upon scientific studies. They have been developed to empower you to better understand skin diseases. They are based upon scientific studies, textbooks, and the knowledge base of two Board Certified Dermatologists who have published in many peer-reviewed scientific journals, lectured around the United States, and authored multiple textbook chapters.

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