Dry Scalp


A wide variety of different conditions may cause a dry scalp. In this article, we will review the most common causes of a dry scalp, related conditions, and treatment options. The most common cause of a dry, itchy, flaky, scaly, irritated, and red scalp is seborrheic dermatitis. When seborrheic dermatitis is only within the scalp then the condition is known as dandruff. When it involves the scalp and specific parts of the face, we generally consider it a little more severe than dandruff and is most appropriately referred to as seborrheic dermatitis or even psoriasis depending upon involvement of other parts of the body. Another very common cause for a dry scalp is eczema. This condition may also affect other parts of the body with a dry, flaky, scaly, red, and itchy rash especially the folds of the body including the inside of the arms, behind the knees, and lower legs during the wintertime.

Dry Scalp Treatment

The most common cause of a dry itchy scalp is dandruff which is a very mild form of seborrheic dermatitis. Additional skin diseases which can cause an itchy, dry, flaky, irritated, red scalp include eczema, scalp psoriasis, or sometimes skin allergies.



These allergic substances which most commonly cause a rash are include metals like nickel or cobalt, a fragrance additive called Basalm of Peru, fragrance mix, and propylene glycol which is an added stabilizer in cosmetic agents. Nickel or cobalt can be present in trace amounts within metal objects used to style the hair including barrettes, claps, and ties. Fragrance additives and propylene glycol is usually incorporated in cosmetic products such as shampoos, conditioners, or gels.